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Afshin Bagheri


Myth stems from human reaction to troubles, his frailty to make his dreams come true and his fear of inevitable incidents.

Human has always been using magic, and celebrating rituals and festivities, in order to escape from his weakness and to dominate the environment and nature. Thus, he can dictate his demands to the nature and keep it on a leash. Water has been and still is one of the most powerful elements of nature controlled by human being.

Water, as it is vital to life, is of the greatest significance in mythical thought among people. It is a symbol of birth and fertility, and each birth brings with it a new holiness, purity and power. It is also a symbol of sanctification and purgation as it is plunging in the water that makes the repetition of cosmic creation of human body, possible.

In the process of body purification, each time a body goes through the water, a new birth happens and through this rebirth, the sins are washed away, and human, will reborn as an innocent child. But is this new life going to entail good or evil?

Even a good religion is unable to preserve its divine traits forever, for the good or evil of a religion lies in the thoughts and beliefs of the people practicing it. From the first day of creation, anything that depends on the human existence or arises from his mind, is subject to alteration, whether by the hands of the creator or the creature, whether it is towards good or evil, it will still have its own followers.






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