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Abad gallery

ABAD Gallery seeks to provide a space for the embodiment of thought and exchange of viewpoints in the context of contemporary art, and hence to draw the attention of the audience to the differences and contradictions that exist within this type of art. The nature of art is as such that it can question the long established convictions about representation and reality, and therefore challenges the discourse genres arisen from them. As a consequence, possibilities for change and disarrangement in the consensus resulted from each discourse, and also in the rules constructed by ideologies and historical memory, could be created. Through this endeavor, radical acts would be evoked from the past texts, and it paves the way for the emergence and presentation of the new methods of thinking and action


No 53, Javadi St, Olyaei St, Koye Nasr (Gisha), Tehran





Daily viewing: 16:00 ? 20:00

Gallery is closed on Wednesday







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