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Monir Zarnegar

You Are Here

Urban Graffiti is a constituting aspect of sense of place and urban identity in contemporary cities. The Graffiti places of occurrence, that is, urban walls, function as medium of meaning between Graffiti author-creator and the urban crowd. As medium of choice, Graffiti negotiates established structures of power and control and transforms personal manifestos into a matter of public interest and discourse.

While wondering in the city the most mundane of all Graffiti’ ’the heart’’ caught my attention Without any recourse to high-culture, “the Heart” is a humble manifestation of a basic human instinct ,The sheer volume and frequency of its occurrence in urban Graffiti of a given city, the City of Toronto persuaded me to expand my investigation of its life to other cities as well. As a result, I have made it a personal project to document as many hearts as possible in any cities I could visit.

All heart shapes in urban Graffiti, includes variations of illustrated hearts, imply a connection to ‘’Love’’, as the liberating force that allows one to free from oneself, only to re-find oneself. It is only through “Love,” that one is seen and acknowledged, to be, to thrive to be and to have a more pronounced existence.

The collection of 365 found hearts in this exhibition, is the result of over four years of a thorough search and photographic documentation of the work of those anonymous artists that have modified the visual field of the urban crowd using Graffiti as their medium of choice. As such, in a try to offer a visual history of love within its urban context, the exhibition aims for transformation of “the ephemeral” to that, which survives the tyranny of time and even space, from Toronto, to Los Angles, New York, Paris, London, Berlin, Milan, and to Tehran.








































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