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Mohammad Hossein Emad


4 Dec. 2020 – 1 Jan. 2021

Ariana Plus Gallery in collaboration with Assar Art Gallery

Ariana Plus Gallery in collaboration with Assar Art Gallery presents the latest sculptures by Mohammad-Hossein Emad titled Radius.

Three years in the making, all 9 sculptures on display are made of wood and fiberglass.

In continuation of his intuitive creative practice, which is indirectly based on his ideology, Emad has once again laid emphasis on the contrast between full and empty, outside and inside, material and vacuum, lightness and darkness and the divergence between objects in general. This time, however, he seeks the source, which is unseen and lacks contrast unlike substance.

As implied by the title of the exhibition, Emad focuses on radius with a look on its Latin roots also meaning ray, and accentuates its physical and philosophical connotation and not its geometrical sense. He says: “Radius is a line segment from circle’s center to its parameter exactly like the ray of light that casts light on everything, therefore, ray of light is in harmony with circles’ radii.” In his opinion, humans are always in search of the source and this is how they quest for meaning.

In order to discover the source, Emad creates his sculptures with his aesthetic language that resonates his philosophy. What all exhibited works have in common, is the activity of “void” again, which can be traced in his entire body of work from the past. Focusing and working on the architecture of the inside of the wood in a way to be able to control the light is the essence of his practice. In addition, the physical specifications of his viewers and the angle from which he wants them to view the work have great impact on the form and presentation of his sculptures.

Mohammad-Hossein Emad was born in 1957 in Arak, Iran. He has been living and working in Tehran for the past three decades. Throughout this time, he has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Iran and abroad and he has won many awards. Also, his work has been installed in public spaces in Tehran and several other cities of Iran. Emad has also been a lecturer at Tehran’s University of Art and educated many sculptors.


Mehdi Hosseini

Silent Blue

December 4, 2020 to January 1, 2021

Ariana Plus Gallery

Ariana Plus announces the exhibition of Mehdi Hosseini’s most recent series of paintings titled “Silent Blue”. The fifteen acrylic-on-canvas and acrylic-on-paper paintings in the exhibition have all been created within the recent year.

Quiet and passive spaces, and the Eastern idea that the smaller is more beautiful and the emptier is fuller, are themes found in Mehdi Hosseini’s work, and the representation of such ideas, along with a level of influence from Western styles, have been prominent in his paintings. In addition to his painterly compositions and mood-setting, and of course his characteristic palette, his artistic signature is best seen in the way he transforms his painterly language into a lyrical expression that connotes a sense of artistic mastery as well as an intellectual subtext.

Another aspect of Mehdi Hosseini’s paintings is his use of Eastern geometry in his quiet settings. Inspired by the ideology and practice of the Herat School, he takes the emphasis on the mutual interactions of visual elements in a painting into his compositions to translate them into his contemporary tone. By using horizon lines, the paintings, while remaining quite flat, appear to imply a certain sense of perspective, giving the pieces a contemporary quality in their general composition, expressive language and tone. Moreover, the style of painting and the consistent compositions of each elements based on circular forms, adds a certain type of geometry to the picture which itself builds on the contemporary imagery to create dimensionality and a sense of space. In other words, as surfaces and geometry were used in the Herat School to enhance works of Miniature Painting and create a mood through their imagery and visual language, Mehdi Hosseini transmits his ideas and the spirit of his age through the mood and sense of space he creates in his paintings.

Use of a cool and introverted palette of blues, light beige, browns and greens, emphasizes the artist’s focus on inviting contemplation and thought, and causing a gradual yet long-lasting effect on the viewer.

In choosing the objects in the paintings, he has followed a sense of quietness inspired by traditional and Eastern thought and his perspective into each of those objects, using his complementary Western learning to create his signature atmosphere and poetic expression.

Mehdi Hossein was born in 1943 in Kashan, Iran. He lives and works in Tehran. Following his graduation in Painting from Tehran School for Fine Arts in the 1960s, he continued his studies at Chicago Institute of Art gaining a graduate degree in Painting and Printmaking, and a post-graduate degree in Painting and Printmaking from Pratt Institute, New York. During the past fifty years, his work has been featured in more than 30 solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions in Iran, the United States, Europe, Russia, and many Middle-Eastern countries. Moreover, he has been a member of the selection committees in many biennials and large group shows. Authoring and translating numerous books and articles, he has been an academic lecturer and instructor for many years, and served on several executive positions including the head of post-graduate studies and the dean of the painting department at Tehran Art University. He has also served as dissertation advisor and thesis supervisor for many students and researchers in the field of painting.


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