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11th Annual Exhibition Of Small Sculptures


The Association of Iranian Sculptors along with the Shirin Art Gallery welcomes you to the 11th Annual Exhibition of  Small Sculptures.

Houman Salimi director of the exhibition:
“The exhibition of the small sculptures is the oldest and most important exhibition of the Association, which experiences an ongoing process.  The first exhibition took place with the efforts of 
Mohammad Hossein Emad
 and other directing members of the Association.”

The first rounds of these exhibitions were held in the “Iranian Artists Forum” at certain times and places and for members only. Gradually, because of the gained importance, other artists were invited and the exhibitions were taking place in private galleries.

Salimi continued: “In the beginning our approach toward the exhibition was to present small and marketable sculptures, providing sale opportunities” Gradually, the organizers of the exhibition began to think of a change in the process of organizing the exhibition to enhance the sculpture.

According to him, in the eleventh period of the exhibition, the Shirin Art Gallery had the most cooperation with the association.

The style of the exhibition has changed in its eleventh period and the artists have created works originally for this exhibition, and we will no longer see before-shown works.

He continued:
For the first round of selection, the committee received 438 works by 247 artists. Among them, 141 that were eligible for the exhibition were reviewed.

The sculptures designed and executed that meet the requirements of the exhibition, taking into account that the work will no longer be on the stand, and the artists use other installation facilities for their work in the gallery space.

In the first round, 54 works will be judged by Koroush GolnariBehrang Samadzadegan, and Behdad Lahuti to get reviewed for the final selection. The final selection will take place during the installation process and at a ceremony, the finalist will be awarded a piece by Saeed Shahlapour.














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