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Sina Rezaei was born on July 12, 1989 in Tehran. His acquaintance with
the field of painting

began in 2004 when he entered the

Hadi Conservatory
and studied in the

field of painting.

After receiving his

diploma in 2006 with a six-year leave, he entered Tehran
University of Art in 2012.
So far, he has participated in many exhibitions and festivals and won
awards in Damonfar

Jokal and Nasl-No festivals .

Sina Rezaei says the following about this collection:
In every second of life, experiences are formed that get stored in all the
layers of our being; inevitable things that will be very clear and transparent
in our subconscious until the day we die.
There is no way to destroy or remove them, thus any attempt to change
or brush them aside becomes futile.
A work of art, in my view, is a transparent mirror with multiple layers,
which by pondering its layers, all social, cultural, emotional, and other
issues will be reflected.
Don›t seek form or something specific when evaluating my works, just
experience them.
Because all the images, prior to becoming a painting, were part of my life
experiences in a specific time and place. And for this very reason, they
were created: to take the audience into different layers of my personal
life and experiences, to create a new experience for the audience ...
My artwork doesn’t exist separate from my real life experiences.
My real life experiences become my art.. then my art becomes part of
my life.
«Thai Mainhard»



Shirin Gallery is proud to unveil a group exhibition titled “Print-e-DIZE“.
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