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Sepehr Bakhtiyari

Sepehr Bakhtiyari is graduated from Sooreh Art University in Graphic Design. He was under the study of Taha Behbahani, Mahin Taban and Parviz Tanavoli.  He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions inside and outside of Iran. “Eden” is his forth solo exhibition at Shirin Art Gallery Tehran.
Bakhtiyari’s first solo exhibition “The Tears of omnipotence” was the initial part of a Trilogy about women that have been victims of male patriarchy. Their sculptured heads hanged on the wall as to signify the glory of the hunter. The Tears of omnipotence included twenty-two sculptured artworks with horns made of silver, bronze, and crystal.
The second installment of this Trilogy, “The Void” 2013, honored the historical role of women in art and culture. Without referring to any specific one, vacated head molds and casts symbolized the legacy void of these females. These sculptures with helmets were made of Porcelain with Gold, Azure, and Platinum glaze.
The third exhibition and final part of the Trilogy, “Hatra” 2014, narrated the irrational cruelty and destruction inspired by ISIS that demolished the historic and archeological site of Hatra, in Syria. Art works at that exhibition were made of porcelain with gold glaze.
At his Forth solo exhibition “Eden” 2019 at Shirin Art Gallery he is exhibiting nine art works at seven acts. The resin and silver sculptures show the suffering of human being expelled out of the Garden of Eden, the garden that the human is still hoping to go back




Mohammadreza Rashed

Shirin Gallery is proud to unveil a solo exhibition of Mohammadreza Rashed titled Unveiling.

Mohammad Reza Rashed, born in Tehran, Iran, graduated from photography at Tehran Azad University of Fine Arts and Architecture after graduating from the Conservatory of Visual Arts (IRIB).He began his career as a graphic designer and photographer from the beginning of 1997, after which he began designing and implementation of exhibition booths and Advertising photography alongside his earlier work

The artist has been exhibiting in galleries such as the Tarahan Azad, Abtin and Aban since 2001 and has exhibited at art festivals for peace, Iranian art and more.

Mohammadreza Rashed says:

The new series entitled “Unveiling” by Mohammadreza Rashed is derived from three elements of ‘the past and identity’, ‘the viewer’ and ‘the surrounding’. The artist has created a space in the form of a mirror-bearer who reflects past motifs in contemporary weaves. It is as though our past identity is finding a way out of its surrounding mirrors and somehow cuts through time and place so that the viewer finds himself floating between the past and the present.
This encounter gives the possibility to the viewer to improvise her or his illusions and become the viewed and revert from the view to the viewer


















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