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Mutation or a combination defect, is a result of unknown or heterogeneous factors which do not have predictable functions, yet they are the most important feature in the genetic variations as raw materials for natural procedures and evolution in particular.

An occurrence that provides a possibility which, in case of agreeing with the situation, leads to the creation of a new, consistent type.

Mutation is evaluative through several aspects:

      the context and origin of mutation

Which is considered as the Plato period or the season of famine

      immersion and appearance of the mutation

Which, in this exhibition, is an entry for creating the artworks

      the result and function of mutation

Which could be studied along with the nature's selection mechanism.

The emersion and appearance of mutations in the field of biology, sociology and art and culture would form and create the history of human civilization. It establishes a new rhythm like an arrhythmia in the movement.

The artists would not only represent, but they would picture an imagination which makes the immersion of mutation a close thing to the manifestation of the work which, in other words, makes the process of creating an artwork, the result of heterogeneous and ambiguities factors regardingly.

Hirbod Hemmat Azad Summer 2017