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Farshad Nekoumanesh

As Shima Nematolahi Says:

"These paintings include
several ideas of works, which the artist preferred to name one of them on this show.
Zooran in Kurdish 
language means wrestling, and in its popular literature, an allusion mixed with humor and kindness to lovemaking."

In Zooran, the artist uses traditional, most important events of his Kurdish region, and modernizes them, without taking away a viewer’s ability to recognize the subject of the work."

The Artist currently lives and works in Hashtgerd,Qasvin.



Pooneh Jafarnejad

The exhibition, entitled Tranquilibrium,
A calm balance, features new paintings inspired by nature.
Made with an inherent love for detail and symmetry,
 works reveal multiple layers of depth
 and represent the more unforgettable and passionate side of life. Initially, what seems to
look like an accidental spill matures to a  blast of color that rises like haze and leaves debris of
delicate soft stains,  lines, and thickened shadows.

Within her work, 
 describes a
feeling of hope and balance, as a reaction to the violence
and destruction that surrounds everyday life.

"In the absence of female figurines, which have been the main focus of my paintings, I have always been looking for a way to express my feelings and identity as an Iranian painter.
continues: "It took years with patience to walk by the unique trees and the plantains of Tajrish area so I could find hope and tranquility on the journey and look at the colorful landscapes of my country's four seasons.
In today's gloomy and insecure world, look at the solid Damavand, the Persian Gulf, the green plains of Kurdistan and the night of the light of Tehran when everyone is asleep! It gives me a sense of pride and calmness.
In my paintings, I use colors as pure as they are in nature, and the absence of light, at night, and the presence of man, which did not leave any part of nature intact.
Man is bound to seek peace and balance, and hope. Therefore, the triangles unconsciously enter into my recent works to bring this golden triangle of peace, stability, and hope together."








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