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International 5 Photo Award

Once, a tree inspired Abbas Kiarostami, an international director, and photographer. His photographs have been exhibited under “Snow White” in world-renowned galleries such as the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Museum of Contemporary Art in New York. He took footage of this tree every year in different seasons for many years. This 500-year-old tree inspires the festival in the suburb of Damavand, located in the village of Aro.

The international 5 Photo Award as a photography and video art event is also inspired by this tree and Abbas Kiarostami, which aims to bridge different countries and cultures. About two years ago, Mehdi Shadizadeh, a documentary photographer and filmmaker and the founder of the 5 Photo Award, photographed this tree again and created the festival to celebrate this cultural and iconic symbol, which symbolizes Abbas Kiarostami’s artistic legacy. The number “5” drives from the movie “5” made by Abbas Kiarostami, published in 2003, contained five scenes with an average duration of 16 minutes. Shirin Gallery is proud to unveild this exhibition for the very first time in Iran







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