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Nazanin Afshar

Nazanin Afshar is a Canadian artist originally from Iran. Nazanin felt her destiny as a painter early in life. She has studied fine arts, photography and received her BFA in Painting in Tehran in 2000. After her academic studies, she deepened her creative experience with two fellowship programs, working with prominent figurative painters. Now, she lives and works in Canada and Iran. In the search for a personal language, she creates a body of work that primarily focuses on the complexity of the human condition and social characteristics behavior of people; especially about nuances in women psychosocial aspects. The diversity and uniqueness of each individual inspire the artist to depict the mystery of their looks through her filter of perception. Nazanin Afshar works with a variety of media and techniques; including painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture. Her works have been exhibited in Canada and Iran.
Nazanin says:
For what reason people move from one place to another? To answer plainly, I would say it is to find some equilibrium; people migrate to find balance within themselves. We are pushed and pulled, to and from experiences that contribute to completing our evolutionary paths, and it does not end until the restlessness within us subsides.
My personal experience has taught me that living in different environments influences the way we perceive our surroundings, and in turn, how these perceptions influence our beliefs and mental patterns. After moving around a few times, the feeling of being at “home” no longer depends on external factors but something internally deeper; in other words, it is closer to a state of being no longer defined by space, but quality of existence.
Each natural forms and elements in my work represent a meaning distinctly related to its original environment. I was inspired to use different media to create various textures and also to challenge my regular approach of figurative drawing. My love of photography and printmaking led me to use image transfer techniques to revive old photographs, subtly referring to the past lingering in the present moment.
I was always fascinated by the use of silver and gold in old miniature paintings that represent water and light. This fascination motivated me to create my colors by using metallic pigments in different forms.
The age-old comparison of East vs. West was shown through compositions, depicting the usual contrasts that describe them.
Finally, this series is an attempt to convey how memories surpass the boundaries of time, leaving us with a sense of a fleeting serendipitous existence




Majid Mohseni

Shirin Gallery is proud to unveil the first solo exhibition of Majid Mohseni titled Iron Dream.
Majid Mohseni is born in 1974 and has obtained his Masters degree in international commerce management.
Beside of his education, due to his strong desire in art, he started to learn glass blowing and pottery in 1997 and followed his art enthusiastically from 2004.
In 2013 he started to make statues with iron chain loop by separate/merge technique as his idea.
The present artistic collection composed seven work of art which has used around 3000 pieces of chain loops for making the smallest sculpture of this collection.
The artist believes that humanity's consumerism and toothily life leads to a sharp change in the environment and keeps animals in pinch and impasse circumstances.
Wildlife has a significant and undeniable rule in ecology which needs a lot of care.  Humankind's inconsiderate interference with the wildlife, will result in irrecoverable damage.
As an environment concerned, I decided to make different sculptures of animals and name them based on their historical and literary background to mark my duty for them.






















































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