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Abbas Moayeri

SHIRIN ART GALLERY            and BADGUIR are pleased to invite you to the opening of The Retrospective Exhibition of Abbas Moayerione of the emblematic artists of Iran's modern art that will display a fine selection of its works.

This will be the first Exhibition of 
Abbas Moayeri in Iran since May 1976 when Lito Gallery showed his works in Tehran. Over the past four decades, he has  been residing in Paris and has been actively keen on introducing Iranian art and culture in France. His enthusiasm in his artistic activities led former French president Jacques Chirac to invite him to work as a professor of Iranian art in Paris.
Abbas Moayeri who is now seventy-nine years old has always been inspired by his original Iranian roots and has implemented his inspirations in his works. He has participated in more than one hundred and forty exhibitions in various countries around the world. His paintings can be found in famous private collections such as the ones of Prince Hassan Khan MahallatiPrince of MonacoPrince Abu Naser, Judge Soltanalyi Qajar, and many French film directors such as Claude Berri. In 2016, the passionate art scene of Paris was so grateful towards the art of Abbas Moayeri that his work was featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoulas a French artist.

This exhibition reveals his Iranian character as he went across many forms of expressions, from poetry, music, to film and theatre, but at the end, painting is his most passionate way of expressing his feelings.





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