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Amirali Izadi

Last year at the exhibition held for UN 70th anniversary a friend of mine gave me a small book. When I looked at it a few months later, I realized it was the script of two letters. The first one was written at 1932 long before occurrence of World War II by Albert Einstein to Sigmund Freud, saying that he has been unsuccessful to find a solution for humans preventing them from another world war and to reach a level of constant peace. In his response, Freud said that with what he knows about human evolution and psychology what Einstein is searching doesn't exist. Sadly, in the 21st Century we are still in search of the answer to this question, but who knows what tomorrow holds...

Amirali Izadi

September 2016,




Reza Abedini Sohi

The story is not all that complicated ...The journey begins The story of Reza, The Iranian backpacker on a journey in search for something which ... most of us have forgotten While traveling, after passing many signs and many smiles he begins discovering the ...soul of the world in children Children, whom regardless of differences such as nationality, ethnicity, race, religion and language, you can see the purity and ... kindness in their eyes What's this tranquility that us, yesterday's ?children have long forgotten .Lets call this pure sense, PEACE Through his travels he understands that peace is not the absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict, to be one, no matter what nationality or skin color you ... might have, we are all connected ,Love and compassion are necessities .without them humanity cannot survive Reza will continue his journey, hopping to .spread the culture of peace We are different but we don't have differences we are One


















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