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Maryam Heidarzadeh

After all those Regrets

A Painting Exhibition by 
Maryam Heydarzadeh

The regret of watercolor painting grew on me since childhood and whenever the host of children's TV shows demonstrated children's painting with their names, I could hear something inside me was breaking which later i realized it was called regret.

Later on , I mentioned painting as an unfulfilled desire in response to any questions. After years of waiting, passion and hope, the peaceful world of painting accepted me and only after 2 drawing sessions of watercolor painting, my childhood dream was rewarded.

This is the third time that people will witness my achievement in coexistence of watercolor, tranquility and patience.

I am grateful to my great teacher - Amir Mohammad Ghasemi zadeh -who turned all my regret into joy. It feels great when people mention my paintings along with my poems and songs and if one day i have to choose between literature and painting, wholeheartedly, I will choose painting without hesitation.


September 2015-Tehran

Hamidreza Ghiasi



A Painting Exhibition by Hamidreza Ghiasi

Equivocality is the use of a word with at least two different meanings;  one direct and immediate and the other remote and strange. Each of the meanings or both of them may be equally true and intended.  This literary device causes ambivalence in a way that the reader cannot decide which meaning is to be chosen. However, the art of distinguishing between the two meanings depends on the context in which the dual-meaning word is employed. The understanding of meaning can be challenging and causes the reader to experience a state of joy and attraction in the process of perception. Being aware of the significance of the words and phrases enables the reader to discern the various layers of meanings of the equivocal word. “Palmistry” is intended to create the same situation for the audience



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