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Reihaneh Raei

Reihane Raei born in Isfahan 1984 has BA in Handcraft from Isfahan art University and MA in illustration from Fine art faculty of Tehran University. She had many solo and group exhibitins and this is her fifth solo exhibition.
As the artist says: ” The imaginary palaces I have created in this collection are located in a great garden. During the process of making them, I have thought of the garden trees, flowers, water, birds, lights, and sounds. I have made palaces and framed memories of flowers in my mind. The garden that these palaces are located in, is the secret garden of “hope”. This secret garden is somewhere in our minds. It’s hidden and should be discovered. It should be protected in order to flourish. “Gardens”, “flowers”, and “hope”, need to be taken care of in order to survive. I thought about the fact that winter is going to pass and how spectacular spring is. That’s the time a big celebration is thrown in the garden, which everyone is invited to.
Working on this collection, was a contemplation for me to remember that spring and celebration are on the way. This collection includes twenty-four necklaces with titles for each and a couple of sketches. for naming my artworks, I was inspired by texts about Persian gardens. This collection is supposed to help the viewers to make their own imaginary gardens. I have worked on all aspects of the artworks and the story continues after looking at one. When the necklace is worn, the person’s body is going to be tantamount to the secret garden..”




Nasrin Shapouri Azar 

Nasrin Shahpouri Azar born in Tehran 1984 has BA in Sculptur and MA in illustration from Tehran Art University. She had many group exhibitins in Iran and this is her first solo exhibition.
As the artist says: ” If we consider illustration, as illuminating, clarifying, decorating, glorifying a concept, this illumination also needs interpretation. This might mean to enable seeing. We make a concept or a text that includes terms and mental meaning and make them tangible by shape and image which is a tangible and concrete matter.
That is why I was interested in illustration and years later this interest opened the gates of sculptor for me. Therefore my imagination and dreams developed more than my studies and imaging.
I tried to centralize the human and set human in the center of my attention and freely to enter my imagination, talk and gradually get away from my mind. Individuals, each one thinks differently in my works, sometimes teases and belittle life and sometimes remain in absolute seriousness. Human sometimes enters my works with an imaging way.
I try to utilize common materials and try to use empty spaces as an element of my works therefore by constant reduction and addition I achieve new forms that I present them sometimes as individual or in multi forms and I use empty spaces to express my thoughts better and realize my dreams and wishes in a way.”



Guity Seif

Guity Seif Born on February 1937 in Tehran into a family well versed in and fond of art. Guity gained her preliminary knowledge and experiences of art from her father and uncle who collected Persian and European antiques, carpets and paintings. At the early age of nine, she began her private lessons in painting. In high-school, under the tutelage of Russian teacher she learnt the fundamentals of classical painting.
It was then that she began working with oil paint and learnt the techniques for color mixing. Understanding and mixing colors were second nature to her from early on.
She continued her work in France in the 80’s and 90’s. While in France she participated in group and individual exhibitions in Paris and other cities in France and was awarded gold, silver and bronze medals as well as honorary diplomas. This recognition encouraged her to continue her work and further explore different styles, including abstract and modern renditions of faces and figures.
In 1983, on the recommendation of an Italian artist, she began sculpting in a private workshop in Paris. She began casting her sculptures in Bronze at the world famous and prestigious Landowski Foundry in the suburbs of Paris. It is there that she became familiar with the difficult and extraordinarily subtle traditional techniques of sculpting and casting.
For the last 30 years she has been working continuously doing abstract floral and figurative paintings and sculptures. Her inspirations are always derived from the abundance of beauty and color in nature and human emotions.




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