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Zahra Amiryeganeh

Residing in a city equals the thrill of gaining a cosmopolis entry; a novel experience not relying on the past-time but in order to develop, the existence of picture is required.
By and by, the necessity to lodge in relics of images somehow demands retrospect into the bygones. A pictorial experience that similar to any history study requires at present to make cross-referencing…. here the captured city atmosphere refers to a geography where water holds a land-oriented role and reflecting in effect a self-image of the city. Each construction behind its gloomy structure is urging the viewer to see the outside from the within. The attempt to preserve the history of such objective structure disrupts the stance of the place's familiarity thus such DE familiarization enforces a past already in existence.




Group Painting Exhibition

A generation of eyewitnesses that amid national and international developments, experienced a common social life, present a fraction of their desires, hopes, and aspirations in an encounter with their times.


















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