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Farzan Sadjadi


Farzan Sadjadi

Solo Painting Exhibition

Shirin Gallery is pleased to present Pyromania, featuring the paintings of Farzan Sadjadi. The Show surveys the artist's recent series predominantly large-scale.
Sadjadi is an expert of pictorial compositions; this is an instinctive ability that is apparent throughout his work. Farzan Sadjadi's landscapes and large-scale views are very inspiring paintings and entirely contemporary in their motivation and execution, demonstrating the vitality and energy of the landscape painting adapted to a new century. Each artwork depicts a sense of wonder and draws attention to the power and fragility of the environment. Farzan's artworks have been described as a meditation on the field itself.

"I can not say precisely where the first idea of these paintings has arisen, but it goes back to my childhood and playing on the farm..." states Sadjadi.
Farzan Sadjadi was born in 1977, and currently, lives and works in Karaj-Iran. Farzan has previously exhibited his works in Dubai, UAE as well as Istanbul, Turkey.  This exhibition features 8 of his recent artworks