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Kourosh Shishehgaran

Koorosh Shishegaran was born in Qazvin in 1944, but then moved to Tehran with his family. After graduation from the Tehran Fine Art High School, he entered the Faculty of Decorative Arts where he did his BA in interior decoration in 1974. His more familiar style of painting is only one of the various artistic experiences of the Shishegaran’s artistic practices. These include a wide array of experiments on different media and a range of approaches. The works before 1981 could be classified into different series, including Mass Production Works (1973-74), Appropriation of Works of Great Artists (1974-76), Postal Art (1976), Art+Art (1976-77), and other two periods – with collaboration of his brothers, Behzad and Esmail – Art for Production (1977-78), and Political Social Posters (1978-81). Since 1983 he has concentrated more on painting and drawing with his familiar feature: line. This interest in whirling lines, however, was obvious in his first solo exhibition in 1973. Shishegaran exhibited these paintings first in 1989 and then 1992, 1997, and 2006 in solo shows. Throughout these years, aside from developing his painting style and participating in many group exhibitions, both inside and outside Iran, he has created other series of works, such as War Drawings (1990), Photographic Works (2006), and Self Portraits (2008). His last solo exhibition was in Opera Gallery, London (2012). Some of  his group exhibitions outside Iran are: WashArt in Washington D.C. 1977; Basel, Switzerland, 1978; The Millennium Painting Exhibition in London 1999; exhibition of Iranian artists in Rome, 2000; Meridian Center exhibitions in United States, 2001-2003; Barbican Center, 2001; Beijing Biennial, 2003; Opera Gallery, London, 2013; … With the opening up of international auction houses to Iranian art in recent years, numerous works of the artist have been sold in these auctions.

Farnaz Rabieijah

No one can deny that Love has reached its critical stage in our present life. This can be either due to the impotency of Love which seems powerless to save man from the darker side of his mind or anything which is destroying or wiping off the name of Love. These days man is recklessly killing and being heartless toward the other, there is an abundance of darkness covering his hearts and egoism and greed have turned him into a blind and senseless human being. Man was created to give Love and be loved and receives his share of Love from the one he has generously given this Love to. And this trend which is similar to the flow of blood in his body gives and prolongs the life of the universe. “Cardiac Cycle” is a title given to a series of events which occurs between the very first moments of the Heart’s contraction to its next. in theses series I have tried to demonstrate the lack of Love in our contemporary world. Heart is the symbol of the origin and the destination of Love. With every beat and pumping the blood to all parts of the body, the Heart sustains life. Blood leads a circular path in man’s body and returns to the Heart and if it is led astray to any part of this sequence, this Blood (Love), comes out of its path and this time it is the Heart which will drive it out.


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