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Ferdows Kashani Akhavan

Ferdows creates sculptural works to describe the oriental women and the elegance of fabrics. Her use of materials – combining painting and fabric – turn once two-dimensional art into 3D representations of figures.

Ferdows Kashani Akhavan, born in Tehran, says:” I am a textile designer, and my paintings are inspired by Hand-made batik painting.”

Ferdows continues:
I believe that art is not a profession but the spirit of life. I find the journey of life can be enriched by expressing our ability through artistic creations.

My journey in art began as a textile designer from the UK, and carried on as embroidery needlework pieces displayed at private exhibitions and now my work presents itself as a combination of textile and paint on canvas and fabric, mostly as 3D texture.

I have chosen art as one of my sources of positive energy and harmony. I hope the viewers would also share the same joy I felt in creating these artworks.




Katayoun Rouhi

Born in Iran on December 1965
From the Artist’s eye
The pictoriality of painting and the orality of poetry come across one another in her work and resonate together. It is concerned with the poesies of painting, its very beginning, and searches for the essential link between poetry and representation. She says that She paints  poems. They tell her about her painting and present in a graphic way what her painting attempts to reveal through visual signs.   
She makes out a singular being in her paintings. This singularity is achieved through her memory in a kind of game where the image gradually appears. It comes into existence by the way it is made.

She Graduated from Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Paris, peinting section and got her Doctorate in Aesthetics and Sciences of Art, Paris I, Panthéon-sorbonne

Katayoun says:
If the viewer could see,  beyond the outward patterns, another one from his inner self, to  take  him not to other seasons and gardens here and there,   but to another season and the garden trees of his unknown inner self,  I would then say to myself that I have reached my goal , that these trees have been the seasons of my passage through my own inner self and therefore portray “ a garden beyond”.



















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