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Sepideh Sahar

was born in Tehran; She has received her Master of Arts degree in Graphic Design from Alzahra University in 2007 and a Bachelor of Arts degree in painting from Tehran Azad University in 2002.

She’s Also is a member of the Iranian painter Association, and she is a lecturer in Azad University.
Sepideh Sahar is a contemporary sculptor and painter; The Burned Garden is a collection of the Hidden Garden and Elegy for the Garden Trilogy.

There’s a smell of burning
Familiar memories are slowly flaring
The ashes will fly with the wind



Gholamhossein Sohrabi


graduated from Tehran University of Fine arts.
He also has many impressive
activities in the atmosphere of art and cultures, and even he has participated in many exhibitions and festivals.

Nature can be explored at three different levels; objects, plants, and human beings. This trio is quintessential to a painter’s world, not least when they draw as a practice, depicting still life, organic world, and human nature.

This painterly attitude, still present in the classical art education system, presents parallel painterly worlds. Again, life is followed by floral painting where the painter experiments with vast stretches, an introduction to a better understanding of human nature. Therefore, the study of Nature and its vast expanse as a conduit that connects still life to human nature is always a subject of contemplation.

Still life paintings of Gholam Hossein Sohrabi present scholarly excursions across the boundaries of these parallel universes. One can intimately feel the depth of his painterly experiments and share his ostensibly romantic experiences.














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