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Ali Yahyaei  

Ali Yahyaei Was born in Tehran (1986 ) and studied Cinema in Sooreh Art University, he was Graduated from the first film work- shop of Abbas Kiarostami in 2007.
The artist says about his exhibition:
“Reality, in the way which camera captures it , is no longer considered real; but what is it going to represent?
In my view reality appears in forms that I can pass through my filters of understanding.
The question is; how does the poetic effect reveals on this reality ? How does poet impacts our understanding ?
Does the alternation of visual principles gives us the opportunity to discover it’s secret form and true essence? “


Reihane Raei

Reihane Raei born in Isfahan 1984 has BA in Handicraft from Isfahan art University and MA in illustration from Fine art faculty of Tehran University. She had many solo and group exhibition this is her sixth solo exhibition.

As the artist says:  Time passage deforms mansions. Architectural forms no longer have their previous configuration and meaning. Furthermore, they will gain a kind of poetic mystery. There is a recurring theme in Persian literature: treasures are hidden among ruins. Hope, happiness, freedom, peace, health, etc. are also treasures. This mysterious point of view can also be recognized in alchemy. The alchemist, in the pro-cess of turning lead to gold, suggests a new interpretation on phenomena and reminds that mankind can hope to change the world to better place.




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