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Hamidreza Andarz

Shirin Gallery is pleased to present "The Bottle of time” a solo exhibition by Hamidreza Andarz.

This exhibition displays the most recent drawings and oil paintings of Hamidreza Andraz. Along with the exhibition, shirin gallery launches the artist’s new book published by Khat O Tarh.

Hamidreza Andarz, born in Tehran, Iran 1970, has a BA in painting from Azad University Tehran. He has held numerous solo and group exhibitions both locally and internationally and has been showcased by auction houses with great attention.

Dr. Helia Darabi, art critic and researcher, states in the exhibition catalogue about the artist:

"Painting is inherently the medium of silence. It invites the viewer to be silently drawn into an endless abyss. However, Andarz's painting is a silent one again: the silence of the composition for its plain, vacant spaces; the silence of the surfaces for the pale and vague presence of the element of line; the silence of the colors for their treated, merged quality; and the silence due to subject matters: the fruit, the fish, the whale under the water. The silence brings about the ideas of time, and for Andarz, time is always sacrificed for the sake of painting. He is a diligent painter who produces few paintings, and this is due to his peculiar, deliberate mode of working: a mode which turns his work into a kind of meditation, and his painting into a vessel of time; a vessel in which the days and hours are floating, the days of solitude, and the work of painting.”








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