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The effects of Neo-expressionism in Iranian Contemporary Art
This movement began and took over the art market in the early 1980ís. It was a reaction to the abstract art of the 1970s and artists revisited figurative painting and images of humans and other objects appeared in their works.

The effects of neo-expressionism were accompanied by indications of identity crisis, shattered dreams, melancholy, metamorphosis, psychosis, deformation and at times the use of strong colours and powerful brushstrokes by the artists. Time and place were not the issue for these artists and all that mattered was what was going on in their heads.
In Iran, this excitement was visible in the works of many artists and this was not due to the fact that they were following the movements in the west, but in fact it was a reaction to the changes and difficulties they were facing and the chaos of war and this is clearly visible in the works of these prominent artists.
Thus, in this exhibition we have chosen the works of three generations of artists to display the pain and suffering and disorientation of contemporary man and a reflection of individualism.











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