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Marcin Bialace

Marcin Białas was born in 1977 in Zawiercie (Poland). He studied in the Faculty of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. His diploma was obtained in the Intaglio Printing Studio of Professor Jan Szmatloch in 2004, and he was awarded a medal. After graduation, he joined the academic staff of the faculty. In 2011 he was granted the title of Doctor of Arts. 

His primary interests are graphic arts (intaglio technique) and drawing. Since 2003 he has been 
participating actively in reviews and festivals of graphics in Poland and abroad. 

Białas had several solo exhibitions in Poland (Katowice, Warszawa, Białystok, Chorzów, Gliwice, 
Żywiec, Sosnowiec), Canada (Trois-Rivierčs), Romania (Ploiesti), Germany (Berlin), Ireland 
(Dublin), Belarus (Minsk), France (Paris).
The graphics and drawings I create are somehow based on the reality which surrounds me - they are attempts to interpret the images of the city and the influence it had on my knowledge and my awareness of the city's own rules. My aim is not to recreate or copy the modern world but rather to create an alternative reality for it.

The world created in my graphics is based on the common phenomena such as the structure of urban architecture, social infrastructure, and the constant changes and movements in the space of urban landscape.

In my artworks, I realize individual assumption - a need to show human presence without figuratively representing them. The idea of human existence as silhouettes, which was often used in earlier works, became reduced to images and symbols of the city's establishments, which become anthropomorphized. 
The notion of genius loci - the protective spirit of a city, is fundamental in my works. It gives the space its character and makes it feel unique. A sense of a place is not something tangible, and it's a specific atmosphere of private places, which is closed in the apartments and houses, and public areas, where human presence is essential for their existence.
Finally, all the graphics I created within the last 9-10 years aim at finding my own identity in the urban agglomeration.

Group exhibition

The exhibition surveys the works of a group of printmakers from multiple countries, who are using the same medium (printmaking) to take their work way beyond the technical abilities.
Each artist has sent an edition of 33 of the same print and will receive a portfolio including the works of all the participants. There will be three remaining editions for exhibition purposes.

About The Curator:
Mehdi Darvishi (b.1988, Doroud), the curator of the show, is an Iranian artist based in Tehran. His primary focus is on Printmaking and Interactive Art in 2012, he received a BFA in Painting from Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Tehran. Darvishi has had five solo exhibitions in Tehran, Belgrade, and Beirut. He has exhibited his works in more than seventy international Festivals and group exhibitions.
Mehdi's works are in some permanent art collections including:

  • National Library and Archives of Montreal, Canada

  • Manhattan Graphics Center, NYC, USA

  • Atelier Circulaire, Montreal, Canada

  • Bashkir State Art Museum M.V., Nesterov, Ufa, Russia

  • Graphic Art permanent collection of Belgrade University of Art, Belgrade

  • Serbia, Tama Art University Collection, Tokyo, Japan

  • Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts, Mezzotint Collection, Ekaterinburg, Russia,

  • Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts, Tehran, Iran

  • Museum of Engraving Collection - Paleologi Castle in Acqui Terme, Italy,

  • Brita Prinz Arte International Collection, Spain,

  • The University of Tehran, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran, Iran

He has also received some prizes from international festivals including:

  • 2017”Megalo Print” Residency Award” Canberra, Australia, 2017"Atelier Circulaire Residency Award" Montreal,

  • 2016 “Second Prize” Ural Print Triennial, Ufa, Russia,

  • 2016 “Honorable Mention” IX BIMPE International MiniPrint Biennial, Vancouver, Canada,

  • 2016 “Second Prize” V Istanbul International Printmaking Biennial, Turkey,

  • 2015 “Honorable Mention” in “Awagami International Print Festival”, Tokushima, Japan,

  • 2015"Grand Prize" 9th BIECTR, Canada, 2012“Cultural and Art center Prize” II graphic art biennial, Romania



































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