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Amir Bakhtiar Sanjabi

Colorful Universe  

There are two kinds of technical methods in the in the paintings. While the Paintings on the Cardboards are done with rather more reckoning and calculation; the acrylics on the canvas, along with spontaneity and accident, produced the canvas paintings.

Since the world of Abstract Art, with no intermediator, connects the artist to an inner sensation; the colourfulness of my paintings and patterns also refers to my innate and inner nature, to which colour has a very significant worth.
The canvas paintings are larg , because the largeness  of them demonstrates my uttermost inner feeling.
Many of the paintings, especially those on the canvas, are the result of an instantaneous inspiration; which I, immediately and urgently, like the Abstract Expressionist, transferred it on the canvas; the inspiration which is in fact the world of the inner concepts,
Although as a painter I have dealt with drawing, sketching and geometry quite a lot, these paintings are not much concerned with either of these.
As a matter of fact the only factors responsible for their execution are the urgency of accomplishing the task, as well as the eruption of the moment.
Among my paintings these were selected for this exhibition.


Reza Hedayat

With an abundance of colors, Reza Hedayat imposes a paradox on his canvas in creating darkness over light and, visa versa, transmitting light through the unforeseen openings of the dark.

Tirelessly and with every "act of pigmentation",
 Hedayat enriches the surface to harmony and rhythm in the work.

The artist subjects the expanse of colors to an even layer, creating a colorful realm of animals, birds and humans in the midst of heavenly peace and calm.

Ahmadreza Dalvand (May 2017)




























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