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Sepehr Bakhtiyar


I’ve wrestled out of the earth cut off heads and remnants of a historical city that bear witness to the limit experience  (Blanchot) of destruction, demolition and extermination.

 Man destroys of envy or fear that the treasured might fall into the hands of the other (“the enemy”).

 The destruction of Hatra by Daish, and of Bamiyan by Taliban: we bear witness that they demolish and flatten the sublime as to overcome history and its remembrance. The past is not worthless, but it is enclosing upon us. The destroyers are the non-believers.

An extermination strategy: destruction and demolition as a means to extinguish the possibility of others’ access, remembrance or use.

It’s as if we use this extermination strategy in relation to our history. We destroy – and destroy ourselves - of envy and fear.

The golden tears and blood of my statues, their congealed pain, are the remnants of the destructions and demolitions that no dynamite or hammer can exterminate.



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