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Ennui is the characteristic aspect of the contemporary world which is defined by its relationship to speed. "Whatever is solid and strong melts into thin air”, once Marks had claimed. What today we call ennui, is directly represented in its icons, its heroes and anti-heroes. The flaneur heroes who arise from wandering mass society life style only to reproduce the cacophony of the battle between good and evil , personified as Supermen, Batmen, Spiderman, etc… . If we accepts Walter Benjamin's claim that the modern hero is not really  a hero but merely is acting as one, in our post-modern era the hero emerges out of the hubris of popular culture and kitsch, characterized by the speed of mass consumption and addresses the anaesthetized masses as his audience. Heroes of this kind, typically originating from comic strips, in every decade, consistent with the demand of the masses, emerge of their fictional paper based or cybernetic world and become personified as people who want to make history and change the world in a way that it can't remember the past. Superman is a superhero which carries the burden of a double personality : as an ordinary citizen living happily among the masses and as a super-hero who fights against monsters and calamities who try to disturb the order imposed by this same ordinary citizens , and of course they make wonders. Superman is a product of contemporary world's amnesia, a world which trapped in the gages of every sort of banality adds layer upon layer on its forgetfulness. after overcoming the obstacles, this super-heroes of contemporary post-modern world return to their role in their everyday life just to remind us that this is a world which can sweep and forget everything (" whatever is solid and strong") so quickly. Picturing this insomnia and ennui might be the task of today's Art, to create image which is a criticism of a world which has abandoned its heroes and history, a critical task which today makes Art making more necessary than ever.

Negar Orang



Is the sky blue everywhere?

In this collection, I've taken a look at sky and I've tried to understand it.

 While creating this collection I was asking myself is

the sky everywhere just the same?

Generally speaking, this collection for me is a thoroughly painterly endeavor.

By picking up a simple subject, I've tried my best to get though a painterly

challenge. Taking for granted that observing nature have a long Art historical

background, this attempt proved to be quite difficult as I tried to include

a personal vision, in addition to the necessary concentration on painterly

categories. Thus I realized that not all the skies are blue, not all of them are

beautiful, and sometimes they look alarming as they sweep the borders

of our existence with their heavy presence. But the skies are also the best

companions to young lovers, sometimes as they rain, sometimes when there

shines spring sunshine, they turn to pure poetry, they have a thousand spirits.

Thus, I realized that the palette of the skies isn't always blue, but their palette

is as vast as the skies themselves. Simplemindedly I knew that the skies are so

big, but they were also humble enough to perch in my small canvases, they

never rained and if they did, we were crying together … this is the secret of the

skies which they divide with every painter. This is not my discovery, it's known

to every painter in the world. 

Jamshid Mohammadi