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Group Illustration Exhibition

In creating illustrations, the artist depicts a particular subject while
considering the audience.
Shirin Gallery is pleased to present the second annual
illustration exhibition aptly named "Colorful Generations" with the help of 
Hassan Amekan and participation of 50 artists.
We'd like to thank 
Jamalodin Akrami, who has kindly prepared the
following text for the exhibition.

Will the fair girl eventually find her man of dreams? Will she get delivered from the spell of the enchanted garden? Will Köroğlu Çenlibel be able to take his magic horseback from Kel Hamza? These are some simple questions the answer to which lies within the lines and illustrations of a book.
No matter what generation children belong to, they are all fascinated by illustrations that narrate stories. Examples tend to influence a child’s decision in choosing a book in the first place. Turning over pages and looking at pictures, a child can get an idea of the story of a book through a maze of lines and a fancy spectrum of colors and forms. Children start searching for tales and fables; they are set in motion in the hidden layers of pictures, follow the narrative lines and are astounded at the slightest hints in illustrations – illustrations inundated with myths, heroic acts, and magical happenings.
What is most evident in today’s art of illustration is a vast spectrum of unending fantasies, which only children can honestly believe and embrace, their dream and imagination even exceeding that of the author and illustrator. By possessing features of the near and the far, such illustrations have no geographical boundaries in today’s world.
The Colorful Generations exhibition is an attempt to make children’s dreams come true. The works contain a multitude of simple lines, forms, and colors that leading illustrators of the past generation and young artists of the present generation will be presenting to the children of the Earth














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