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Khalil Samaei Jablou


Khalil Samaei Jablou was born in 1345 in the city of Ardabil. He has a bachelorís and masterís degree in painting. Samaeiís works have been exhibited in 19 solo exhibitions and more than 100 group exhibitions in Iran and abroad.
The artist says about his works:
I paint to see the world I am in; In essence, my works are the world outside and inside me.
My interest is to paint a picture of my beliefs and life through the com- bination of materials, to depict my favorite perceptions and themes, and to express them through the fibers and composition of materials. I hope the audience gets a glimpse of what lies between the layers of color and the painterly adventure. The truth that belongs to the au- dience or perhaps the moment that the audience has seen or experi- enced.
In my paintings, there are hidden signs in layers of intertwined and interrupted colors and textures that flow like the text of a poem as a whole. Another restless world that ends in a conversation with the audience.
This collection consists of more than 15 works in which the artist de- picts his life and life experience on his canvases.






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