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Barana Saadat

Barana Saadat, born in Tehran, Iran 1991, has BA in computer engineering. Barana started painting professionally in 2009 and chose the oil colour as her specialized technique.
She has had many group exhibitions inside and outside of Iran and won the international NordArt festival prize 2018. The artist's psychological and anthropological concerns are the main characterize of her works. She is trying to portray the psychological contradictions by the symbolic use of animals and things along with figures and expressive faces. These contradictions can result from the "imposed sufferings," especially sexism and "strong desire to live an original life."
As she says, she is trying to show these suffering and contradictions without any judgments and clues by a picture that presents to the audience in the form of an image that only indicates perception and observation.



Yasaman Niazi

Yasaman Niazi was born in Tehran in 1999. She studied graphics in high school and is currently a stage design student at Sooreh University. she has done many painting and art history courses and finished the Modern art course at Moma.
Revision is the first exhibition of this twenty-one-year-old artist.
The artist says : "revision means Review, Change, Update, correction, and secondary consideration.
Humankind has always sought to progress and move forward. Still, it has always carried a small sign of the past or even an exact use of the former elements.
"The revision is a kind of return to its past, composition, construction, and change."





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