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Group Exhibition

This exhibition is a collection  of artwork by young artists in the field of contemporary art that moves beyond  the todayís prevailing rules.
A collection of different  artistic styles, from  Realism to Abstraction, but with unique and reflective  approaches. These young artists, who have participated more  or less in various group  exhibitions at the time,  they gathered to attract  diverse and different points of view. Among these artists is Davood Khalili, who created portraits  of classical expression style on canvas. Portraits  that represent part of the
 inner feelings of humans.
 Whereas in the works of Sara Sarmadi, Maryam Norouzi, Sarvenaz Emadi And Linda Ahani main subject is Nature, with the difference that nature is in Linda Ahaniís works is the wild nature which is in the black and white space of her works becomes anew and mysterious
 experience, but the nature of Sarvenaz Emadi, using the color and with brightness and darkness it brings to the surface and form. A form that is created relies on the colors and shades of light and darkness created by them and after that, the line enters into her works. Against, the Sara Sarmadiís nature is the absurd universe that has trained human beings. The world and the destiny that man imagines is made by himself, unaware of being defeated at many times in life by the coercion that is destiny for him by itself. on the other hand, Maryam Norouzi with her wavy and movement lines of the strange nature, one happening will begin after a lot of happenings such as natural hazards and political trends, it begins and will turn into a similar situation at a given time and finally and ultimately it is a phenomenon and behavior that affects many people at the same time. Finally, Sheida Arabyazdi sees art as subconscious mind, For her, drawing is a mediator for his own better understanding. She specializes in issues as truth, gender, and ideological structures, in the painting that she exhibited, a sophisticated study is needed to better understand these issues.                    

In total,  the works of this exhibition are full of creativity and various styles that resulted in the different point of views of its artists.
 The following are the names of these artists in alphabetical order :
Linda Ahani, Sheida Arabyazdi,
Sarvenaz Emadi, Sadegh Hemati,
Erfan Jamshidi, Davoud Khalili,
Maryam Norouzi, Sara Sarmadi,
Jalal Taherian

Maryam Rahimi

Maryam Rahimi was born in Tehran, She has received her B.A Sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Tehran.
She won second prize in the Biennial of Urban Sculptures and over the years thereafter participated in a number of group exhibitions at Bahman Cultural Center, Barg Art Gallery, Shirin Art Gallery, Aun Gallery, Iranian Artistsí Home and several other galleries. She also has a history of participation in several biennial sculptures in her career.

Shirin Art Gallery is pleased to present Hyper Ego, the first solo exhibition of recent works by Artist Maryam Rahimi.
She, herself, says about this exhibition:
Ego is a component of the individuals' personality. In fact, Ego is an intermediary between the human inside and outside.
Thoughts and actions are the manifestations of egoís decision.
And thus, ego sets an equilibrium between the outside world and individuals inside.
In every period of his life, man has different concerns occupying his body and soul. During these periods, the role of ego in the formation of the individual personality is well manifested.
In this series, ego is considered a large land governed by the mother goddess (Egonia) and her daughters. Each of Egoniaís girls is a psychological aspect of women that manifests in one of their life courses.
Ego has a different color, shape, and material in every course, but the ultimate ego is formed through the gathering of the color, shape, and material.



































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