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Omid Mehdizadeh

“Blood Laundering”

Omid’s pictures present city experience through unreachable “Actual matter” involved with modern city subject, that perpetually challenges the audience to never say a word about the real panic happens there, not here...that is because the artist had success to present the situation of murder, decedent and a murderer which simultaneously springs to audiences’ minds and reproduces in their own unconscious. So, it creates some deep and permanent subjectivity in an intersubjective

Situation for the audience which makes everyone encounter this social situation. Hence the audience leaves the exhibition encountering lots of city experiences which is derived and originated from their own mind and the picture has just been waken them up, which accompanies them for long time. They would tell themselves from time to time that I haven’t done so but its specter stays for long. In the last part of The Will to Knowledge (Vol.I of History of sexuality), Foucault says: The old power of death which was a sign of the capitalism has been completely replaced with governing the bodies and prudent management of life.

Therefore, different techniques of subjugation and controlling the societies have been excessively increased. I want to say in these words that this subtlety point of view to the petrifaction internalized in the topic of murder is incredibly brilliant, Omid Mehdizadeh with his Foucault like view (consciously or not), but in reverse and in more exact words in the form of back ward causality! Seeks the constructions of everyday life instead of challenging the authority constructions. The primitiveness of murder and violence like this are clearly in contrast with the experiments and exist... of the modern subject. At the end the sleeping of trauma in these artworks indicates this truly humanistic point that the murderer eliminating the subject not even leaves the decedent behind but also merges it in oneself during some kind of psychological process. Thus he carries this traumatic experience as a killing virus through the society and spread it, even if there is no trace of blood on walls anymore...!

I would like to end these words with a sentence of Freud at the beginning of interpretation of if you can’t change all the explicit ideological rules, but at least you can try to change the unwritten hideous rules.

Amirhossein Bayani


Safaeddin Emami

“Sardkhaneh” )Fridge)

Hung hewn meat, colorful bodies, people who spend and get spent. ROUTINE is not an odd word. When I walk out of the door, colorful images take shape in my mind. Realities that exist whether or not i want them. A soulless atmosphere which we have to accept.
It is not black but it freezes us. In order to bear this pain, I embellish my surroundings to the point that this nonsense joy envelopes and suffuses me. A repetitive, constant but colorful shape that I have believed.