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Atousa Jannesari

“The Fifth Evident Poem”

I live in the numerous images of seasons and years

 In the numerous images of life

In the silk of images and colors

In the astonishing beauty

In every one’s ugliness

In the cool brightness of the mind

The warm brightness of desires

In the airless forest and carefree prairie

Towards the distant mountain entangled to the sky

In the wilderness of petrified people

I respond to life, today and tomorrow

On the bank and expanse

On the intellect and madness

I am on earth and whatever is on it, belongs to me

The stars are in my eyes

I create the secrets

To the extent that suffices the earth

 Adapted from “The World’s Loneliness

 Paul Eluard


Arshin Agashteh

“Permanent Blossoms“

Isn`t this my uncle`s house that is flying in the sky?

No, it is a spring blossom.

Isn`t it the view of my dream house that is collapsing and scattering and each of its pieces are throwing to a continent?

No, these are summer blossoms.

Aren`t these the houses that are dancing on the home theatre every day?

No, these are the autumn blossoms.

Shouldn`t I cry then? Is it possible to take my dinner dish in front of the TV? Aren`t our tea gatherings canceled then?

No, look how beautiful the winter blossoms are.