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Shima Faridani 

My works are dual. Duet is a duality between sketch and the work, between creatures and space, between objectivity and subjectivity and Partitor is the page of my mind; a set of colors, roles, and my palette. These sceneries are like a song to me which is per se the other side of silence; a silence and song much the same as a duet; and self-duel in controversy and coordination with color Partitor.

The pivotal point in my works is how I could observe the nature and the objects therein from a myriad of angles. I am continually pondering how times and places roll in to be familiar and strange, in a world which could be divided into extreme objects while having somewhat brightness. And the spirit of the existence has entrained a harmonic whole by scraping together seemingly different things.
Hence this question arises that, ‘Is this human mind that ties such coordination to objects?’
I have endeavored to move on in a narrow border along with abstraction and objectivity. Therefore, the light was interblended with color and heterogeneous elements, like elements of a language, were applied to arrive at renewed harmonies. In the interest of achievement of a concept of the place which does not merely include objects, the site was sought to be an object of knowledge.
I intend that light, time, place, and ambiguity as aspects of layout and color, try out to get us to a position which is as familiar as the world itself, the familiarity which would henceforth serve as a mask behind which all familiar casts fall apart in order for all single elements to tune up their rigs and leave us in a more unfamiliar state than the beginning of our encounter with the world.



Group Exhibition

Ring narrative

This Exhibition is a selection of works by five sculptor artists, curated by Mojtaba Ramzi
Shirin Gallery is proud to present this exhibition as the Ring narrative.

Artists and collectors of this exhibition have said about their artwork:

I started sculpting in an experimental way while teaching the technique. In collaboration with old friends and new pals, in an artistic company with my students who were loving this career, later it continued in a space named "Ring Atelier." It's already been one decade since where we started, the years that bread, laugh, plaster, clay, and metal were our main portion, up to now that many of those students have their studios.
  Ring's narratives is a visual image from a master-student discourse for publishing motivation and skills with a very brief index : 

-think independently
-stay on this circuit and be honest.

Moji Ramzi, July 2019, Tehran

you are not how I am. I am not how you are. you don't follow my will, and I don't follow yours. I am all in your command you are all in my blood
Paridokht Moshkzad

the hand's identity was hidden from us. we were weak and fragile, and still, we are. Faceless and demanding hands were shaping what they want, and we, passive and helpless. Our identity is our passiveness.
Kamran Moshkzad

The dream collection began with a wish from childhood. To have a supernatural creature. A desire that still  stayed with me.
Mehrzad La'li

The demons inside my hallucinations are without any evil and wicked personalities, they are yet like humans. They just like me became sad, scared and excited. Grand or vile demons that origins of different moments in life; they need pranks and mischief just like my inner child. They spoke of my fears, yet they are real.
Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Mousavi









































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