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Iman Safaei

Alley exhibits his recent works including various pieces of sculptures, Flags, writings, gravure, zinc sheets, etc. predominantly large-scale and abstract.
Iranian artist Iman Safaei continues his ongoing dialogue exploring language in the fields of lyrics, riddles, idioms, curses, tales, satires, popular sayings, and proverbs, using the place where these different planes meet to explore a mutual interest in object, abstraction, and culture. “Language is the society’s memory, and the image of any community’s memory is reflected in its language,” believes Safaei.

Safaei's assemblages and sculptures are often composed of simple materials, fundamentally from the foundation of understanding, yet evoking a range of associations. They speak of tradition and the surroundings by combining the textures of objects with the rawness of materials such as Iron and Steel or common pieces found in everyday life. Minimalism, conceptualism,
and a certain amount of manifestation of social thoughts are all embedded throughout 
Iman Safaei's art. What is intriguing is the use of Persian texts in his recent art, which are transformed into tangled and sometimes distinct words, with geometrical grids, which often merge with writing and is reflecting the urban development, which is in contradiction with our cultural heritage.

Iman Safaei, born in Tehran, Iran, 1982, currently lives and works in Tehran. His extensive oeuvre of work showcases iconic visual language and multidimensional pieces, through various mediums including concrete, metal, neon, print, and found objects. His works are included in a number of private collections, and one of his iron sculptures is in the permanent collection of LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art).





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