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Shahrooz Sadr









Moein Shafei

Everything started by childish fantasies .l would day dream about everything I saw in the world around me. When I was a youth I got acquainted with a God’s gift .Although the affluence only filled a part of my life but it was constant with my imagination and dream world. I loved dreaming even loved my night mare. I thought of them deeply so I could dominate over them. Nearly twenty years old, I was writing my dream I watch my dream which was the strange world of color and space far from reality .I had a great treasure myself which made me surprised every time. I was interested in cinema as a part of context for my fantasized imagination .Then I made short films entered university and began photography. My dream world was always with me in my movies, my photos and my stories.
My dream was influenced by two world cinema and photography and it changed gradually when I learned more than before .After I had two exhibitions of my photos in Aban Gallery and Artists’ house by group ‘EMA’ (a group with three friendly members). I began to make a historical documentary movie on the events of World War I in Iran .Mehdi Farsi my permanent friend was the director of movie and I started working with him to research as a consultant nearly seven months .History made my imagination stronger than before.  We are looking up books to find reality in Iran during the Qajar period but what I felt was mystical events.
I couldn’t record the events only with a camera so I had to make them with photomontage and photo collage.
The following collection is a part of my fantasy and a historical events which I made it by the combination of photography archives,3D computer.







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