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Hiva Alizadeh









Group Exhibition

The mere formation of this group was based on a common interest in creating dynamic and paradoxical situations. Creating paintings on a basis beyond sheer form, during which objective materials would technically be employed on conceptual foundation. images created, however were superimposed on a wave of monophonic perspectives and through this course underwent a metamorphosis into a poetical and sometimes surprising interpretation. Here the element of paradox is the omnipresent means to create paintings which put more emphasis on the experience of paying attention to the content versus form and double-sided metaphors, declaring distinctions and differences, arrangements for inverting forms to gain new meanings.
Technical skills and emphasis on returning to fundamentals of the classical and romantic painting styles, and the existence of behaviors with inferences to the vision of the present time, have hidden their passive nature under accurate and performance-based attractions. Works which often consider physical and allegorical layers at the same time, in defining existing situations. conceptual layers however are concerned with complementary statements based on a metaphorical arrangement which resemble fears, sufferings, games and the nostalgia of life.
Another instance of convergence is the employing of women subjects and discoursing about a new cultural approach and self-awareness. A new and evolved abstract thinking is reviewed herein, in the form of environmental effects, visions and realities. In fact an unconscious sense of identification is born within the mind of the audience upon facing the paintings and realities reflected therein. Reflections and perceptions are codes for a reevaluation. conceptual symbols and collages through new values, defy former arrangements, and sometimes emphasize the difficulty or simplicity of the present reality; this outlook is the definition of the core and ideal characteristic of these paintings.

Saeed Ahmadzadeh, June 2016







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