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Mid Sculpture

Shirin Gallery Tehran is pleased to announce our upcoming show named “Mid Sculpture” in July of 2015.  This exhibitions will present works from emerging Iranian artists Under the age of 35.   It is our goal to give these artists a venue they may not otherwise have had to exhibit their works.  We are hoping this exhibition will bring forth a whole new approach to the art of form. Through the use of various mediums, these young and up and coming sculptors will tackle subjects that are socially relevant to their generation.  We would like to thank the experts at the Association of Iranian Sculptures, for without their tireless effort and guidance this exhibition would not be possible.

Shirin Partovi

July 2015


The Iranian Association of Sculptors believes that by creating an appropriate venue for the involvement of young artists in a healthy competition, it will enrich the art of sculpture and help it grow. The association tries to create this opportunity in the best way it can despite the limitations they face. The exhibition of the artists under the age of 35, which is the first of its kind, is a good example of the investment and efforts the association is making in promoting the art of sculpture. We hope that by putting this exhibit together, we can introduce and promote these promising young artists.

The Iranian Association of Sculptors

 July 2015


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