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Group Exhibition

Inner Manners

There is a sound, something whistles in my head, a line of light passes on my feet to my head, it's not far if I move up a bit. With all those luminous rays, there are things that are unseen. They just don't know that I saved all these images on a 64 GB King Ram, during this time, and I will put them at their disposal. They don't know how I'm more real than these images. 

It would be nine months that I'm tumbling among this tender and warm mass, among these sticky layers, among the safety of this precious liquid. But it's not my turn yet. I'm afraid of my hands and feet being stuck to the cords around, during this period, the remaining,... Of missing my placenta. I know I can't explain why I remember everything, voices, lights and the path. It doesn't matter whether I remember the path as an ice cream or a shoe... I always know it was somewhere else, in a life between two worlds. I remember it more clear than the stored digital images, I can tell you... Do you want me to start?


Andre Hovsepian



Many of us view her from North  East  South  West

Some view her from the base

Few  from  the  summit

But in minute,  view her from the core.

Letís  not  just climb

Letís grow with her


   First floor



















   Second floor