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 Hossein Ghourchian

"I love your heavy and arid lookyour glassy sunsets and the shinning mindful nights are appeared when the moon is not in the sky and sleeping giants of your dream are shown."            Alexander Pushkin            

The idea for City Giant was created while I was standing in front of the Fardis huge power plant for the first time. My overall view is based on literature and philosophy in this collection and I've tried my best to analyze urban life and show it in my work. There is a magical power which holds me while I’m passing through tunnels, bridges and other urban environments.  Their large facades, volume and precise engineering attracts and inspires me and I am exploring why. I am summarizing the answer into the “City Giant” concept.  Though we are faced with pre-sterilized urban environments, an ideal unity that seems one could not destroy. And this question reminds us of the famous failure of Becketts artist-heros who are, in the very moment of composition, engaged in trying to kill their own creations, end their own fictions, so as to arrive at the reality. I feel this conflict is the push behind the colors and brushes I use. The most urban forms in this series were created in a repeated painting motion in order to distance myself from the objectiveness of these forms. City Giant” was created as a symbol of urban modernity in a paradoxical situation, and the character in this series is responsible for the current situation and plays a double role to strengthen and stabilize his own existence: lovely and nasty, strong yet vulnerable, innocent but autocratic, with innate physical deformities from constant growth. He will never be perfect because he is always changing, or perhaps one day too, self-destruct.

  Iman Ebrahimpour

Pain, distress, fear and difficulties that torment the soul conquer you. The soul is immerse in elegance and sensation, ugliness and beauty, bitter and sweet, sorrowful and joyful - I think it is a beautiful sorrow. Life events occur at unexplainable moments, and the actions which are happening in my surroundings are ambiguous, unusual, and deep - reminders to my soul. Maybe it is not important for most of people but it makes me think and every time I see them, they channel the world that I have built up inside me. I believe there are many people around the world who agree, and are sympathetic with me. Feeling of sympathy is another beauty that I try to show in my works. The issue is about peace and patience. Patience against difficulties and making beauty of those difficulties. Such as an innocent woman dying while her lover plays music. It's a tragic story of innocence and beauty. Or a man drowning in a lake while a woman watches him sink.  Their eyes meet, he does not regret their life together, but she does not aid him, beautiful and cruel.