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Fatak Mousavi


Fatak Mousavi was born in 1982. He has graduated in Sculpture from the University of Arts, Tehran. In addition to art he is a professional climber, and after completing various courses, he obtained a “Route Setting” Diploma in France in 2013. His presence in the first conceptual art exhibition in 2001 was welcomed by the officials of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. The museum purchased his work and has been installed it in the main building of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.
“Who is afraid of Iranian art pioneers?” This was a critique written by Dr. Alireza Sami Azar, published in newspapers in 2009 regarding the artist’s exhibition named “Sepid.” In his critique, he states: “ The Sepid “ exhibition has shown the struggle against the pioneers of modern Iranian art in a rare and strange event. The young artist “Fatak Mousavi “has harmonized creative work quality with his aggressive approach in this icon-breaking exhibition in each of the masters’ works. Aghdashloo’s Classical Persian and Western characters are torn to pieces, Ehsayi’s calligraphies were shredded to tiny strings of papers, and the strings have been destroyed, Tanavoli’s controversial “Heech” has been hanged or burned, Kiarostami’s famous trees install- lations and photographs have been burned or sawed, and finally Nami’s paintings with white background had been blown up and destroyed. What is the real purpose of this destruction, and what is the mo- tivation for displaying this anti-art behavior? ... In the Iranian art community and especially in the young generation and newly recognized artists, significant changes are emerging, which can be interpreted in the background of the educated Iranian society modernization movement and pro- guess...”
The exhibition “Black-Red-White” results from three years of artist’s work in the form of a Conceptual Art Installation. Works in the form of sculptures and paintings displayed in a space covered with salt.
The works are based on different views of the “Azadi Square” building and various writings of “Khat Ghermez” in sculp- tures produced from combinations of stone, wood, and epoxy glass.
The artist says about his exhibition:
“This arrangement is the result of a post-minimalist approach, relying on elements such as materialism, repetition and the use of flat and industrial colors in expressing the artist’s conceptual point of view.”
This arrangement will be exhibited from January 26th to February 13th, 2022 in Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran.


Marziye Ghasempour

Marziye Ghasempour Borujeni, was born in Borujen and graduated in painting from the Neishabour University of Arts with a bachelor’s degree and Tarbiat Modares University with a master’s degree.
Alongside painting, She teaches painting at Neishabour University of Arts and Farhangian University in Tehran. She has also been the juror of many art events such as visual festivals and the Ministry of Education.
The Celebration is her third solo exhibition.
“Are you sure this show is being played for the first time? Are we living, or reincarnated? “ The famous sentence of the author Jean-Paul Sartre fully expresses Marzieh’s purpose in creating this collection




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