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Sepehr Bakhtiyari

Sepehr Bakhtiyari is graduated from Sooreh Art University in Graphic Design. He was under the study of Taha Behbahani, Mahin Taban and Parviz Tanavoli.  He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions inside and outside of Iran. “Eden” is his forth solo exhibition at Shirin Art Gallery Tehran.
Bakhtiyari’s first solo exhibition “The Tears of omnipotence” was the initial part of a Trilogy about women that have been victims of male patriarchy. Their sculptured heads hanged on the wall as to signify the glory of the hunter. The Tears of omnipotence included twenty-two sculptured artworks with horns made of silver, bronze, and crystal.
The second installment of this Trilogy, “The Void” 2013, honored the historical role of women in art and culture. Without referring to any specific one, vacated head molds and casts symbolized the legacy void of these females. These sculptures with helmets were made of Porcelain with Gold, Azure, and Platinum glaze.
The third exhibition and final part of the Trilogy, “Hatra” 2014, narrated the irrational cruelty and destruction inspired by ISIS that demolished the historic and archeological site of Hatra, in Syria. Art works at that exhibition were made of porcelain with gold glaze.
At his Forth solo exhibition “Eden” 2019 at Shirin Art Gallery he is exhibiting nine art works at seven acts. The resin and silver sculptures show the suffering of human being expelled out of the Garden of Eden, the garden that the human is still hoping to go back




Koorosh Angali

In accordance with the release of the Persian translation of Balzac’s The Unknown Masterpiece, by Koorosh AngaliShirin Gallery is proudly holding a reception session of unveiling the volume, and book signing by the translator, on Friday, January 3rd, 2020. In this session, along with the introduction of the book, a selection of Koorosh Angali’s paintings will also be exhibited. The exhibition will close on Wednesday, January 8, 2020.
In addition to be a translator, Koorosh Angali is a painter, poet, musician, graphic artist, and stage actor. Moreover, he holds a bachelor’s degree in PR, another one in Visual Arts (from Humboldt State University, California), and a master’s degree and a PhD in the field of Iranian Studies, from UC Berkeley, with emphasis on the pre-Islamic Iranian languages. His career credit includes teaching Persian Syntax and Grammar at the University of California, Berkeley (UCB), DeAnza College, California, and the University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin). He has also taught different art courses in the United States, as well as in Iran for over thirty-five years. He is currently teaching An Introduction to the History of Volume (sculpture and sculpting), painting, drawing, Art Analysis, etc. at the Tehran Art University.
Born on January 7, 1949, in the city of Abadan, Iran, Angali received his high school diploma in the field of Persian literature in 1968. Afterwards he moved to Tehran to attend the College of Mass Communication Sciences, where he received his first BA, in the field of Public Relations and Publicity, in 1972. In 1976 he migrated to the United States to pursue a career in the art world. Since that time he has been presenting his art on an ongoing basis in the US, as well as in Iran. His art has been also exhibited in London, UK.
His artistic viewpoint

Angali’s standpoint on art is rather particular and peculiar. To him art must have to do with human and humanity. He always quotes Rodin on this, “Be a man before being an artist!” And here, by “man” is meant “human.” “Van Gogh had the same concern, too,” he remarks. To Angali, being human has to do with what Sa’di and Rumi 
elucidate, each through his own approach. “If my art does not address the different complications that
humankind has to deal with,” Angali asserts, “it would be worthless. I might be a master in the way I paint and present a canvas, having technically developed and elevated my skills as a painter; but what I offer would be only a craft (no matter how skillfully done), if it does not serve human being.”



Roxana Fazeli


Roxana Fazeli, Graduated from Art & Architecture faculty of university of Tehran Markaz in photography is documentary and fine art photographer.
Masmour is her first solo sculptor exhibition at Shirin art gallery.  
As the artist says:
“ Extinction has always been a dire reality in our world. A reality not as straight forward as disappearance of rock solid existence, and not as complicated as facts of life.
All matters, regardless of their hierarchy in universe, are now either an incomplete fossil or unproved thesis.
Extinction is byproduct of evolution, and this has been facilitated by an environmental condition as well as another species. Our very own existence on the planet is owed to this fact. And we will face the music as we are part of the same cycle. Of course we have speeded up the process of extinction for many other species, since our existence on this planet. 
This is an inevitable end waiting for human specie as well. Although the exact time is unclear, for sure it will be sooner than later.
Extinction of other species is the cause of our will to survive on this planet for good, but … “



















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