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Group Artworks Exhibition Curated By Farnaz Mohhamadi

The illusion of the imagination, potential virtualism, and exponential realism are all rooted in the artist's mental activity and his flight to the fantasy-dream world. Positioning reality against the imagination and what is deeply intertwined in the artist's mind to bring the reality of the subconscious mind to the fore emerges is the core belief of this Exhibition. It is this property of art that can travel and visualize the artist's mental world. What brings the artist in this way is the display of the artist's mental power and his imagination in transforming this image into an Image Index. It embodies the real world that everyone is missing out on, and the artistic value of this journey to the promised world. Sometimes the artist takes refuge in the fantasy and fantasy worlds to escape the unpleasant and sometimes Idealistism perverse brings it into the artist's utopianism and Ideals.
This exhibition is a selection of valuable works from three generations of artists to visualize one of the most powerful fields of contemporary Iranian art creation















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