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Farzane Ghadyanloo

is a street, travel and fine art photographer based in Tehran, Iran. Born in Karaj in 1989, She graduated Directing at Tehran Art University in 2013.


She has exhibited numerous photo and video exhibitions in Iran and other countries. Among her activities are few short documentaries and participation at Intercobidar residency in Spain and Milkwood in the Czech Republic.

Ghadyanloo's projects are usually long-term and focused on social matters. One of her most prominent projects shapes in her family's atmosphere. The Rugs and Buses series takes place at Valieasr sidewalks.

Her most recent works are a mixture of prints and resins framed in wood, metal and more.

According to her words:
Alike girls of Ashura in a village, riding a doleful old rhino of Madrid. Afrasiab was riding a sick dog in Ashuradeh; He's riding an ash-leaved maple, dyed under the experience of modernity cover.
Ava riding a shrieking cow, Yogiís legs are in the air, rotten apples of the blind peddler and a pair of aunts in faraway rocks of Sanandaj.
A line of happy Prague residents bound by roasting freshly caught fish.
Mom was holding Mehrsa, gazing at a ball, swallowing memories one by one, twice a day, and Mehzarís slippers that donít tend to pair.
Itís been years now that I, surrendered by these moments, take photos. This time though I am going to choose when, where, who, how and why.
Iím celebrating fate.



Hooman Babaeizad


was born in 1976; He's been a member of the Artists Association of Iranian Sculptors since 2006.

His works are the result of a concern and a happening in life. His use of spheres and materials like glass and metal are bold in the current series.


Shirin Art Gallery is proud to display Hooman Babaei Zad's sculpting works.


I have called this collection Myriad of the present moments.


The present moment, not in its literal time sense, but ďour present momentĒ; a time molded by the place where the world outside and the world within fully operate.

Therefore, my present is not shaped by me. It is an abstract creature that I as a human am only a part of it, and not necessarily the most important part either.

This present is sometimes a luminous spectrum of colors; at times a delirium risen from secure inmost layers of dwelling, and often a cell which repeats itself forever, and beyond all that with a revolutionary movement, it accelerates towards nothingness.

In the meantime, a dream is an enigmatic potion, a sip of which could allow one to savor the delight of the absolute being.


The charm of pure now.






















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