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Jila Mokhtari

Insanity Minuts A Second

Madness, mindlessness, psychosis, dementia
I believe that the very first trace of insanity is found long before sheer madness and it is far from the absolute psychosis. In my opinion for each and any of us, there is a spot, not solid at all the times but rather floating, between absolute wisdom and total madness.
In this spectrum, I think, it is not the sheer insanity that is the scariest part; but the moment right before going insane; that tiny speck right next to insanity is the most dreadful. That moment when something inside us falls apart. It collapses, and along with it our humanity, our moral values, and our principles collapse, too. When in behind a traffic light, a reasonable middle-aged man gets off his car and with a steering lock in his hand smashes the windshield of the car in front. That very moment when a decent teenager suddenly commits a horrendous murder, or when in a family quarrel

I, however, do adore the honesty of the absolutely insane. The stigmatized and the abandoned, who are pushed and marginalized to a corner of their homes or mental hospitals, not harming anyone. Those who are just a second ahead of me, you and everybody else.

Jila Mokhtari