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Iman Sobhravan

Valley of Flower Path to Light

The collection is an interpretation of ten years’ worth of dreaming that heralded to Iman signs and dimensions of life after physical death; the last of such dreams containing clear definitions and proper placements of all preceding elements in a clear path pointing to Light.
An image of a traveler setting foot unto the other world to join the Light or the truth of universe.
In the beginning, he faces gates that for passing through them he has to let go of the actualities of today’s world together with all its attachments, to remove all material images of his mind until material bounds get smaller and eventually disappear so that he can pass through the corridor of time and make seconds meaningless; because eternal life will only be possible after such an act.
Plenty is a quality of life in Paradise, where pomegranate orchards and hills small and large paint its vast plains in line with light. Yet the traveler wants more. He is thinking of the perfection of paradise to reach the Light; in his mind, paradise is to Light what earth is to the paradise. So he puts it behind too, to reach the valley of flower, where the drop, the rain and the cloud give life, and living is made on the Light coming from afar (although he does not belong to it either).
He rises higher and higher into the Sky. His ultimate concern is to let go of his existence and the feeling of comfort gained in a safe and quiet place for the sake knowledge in order to become one with the Light.

Mohammad Miraki
Dec - 2016

Dana Nehdaran

Agitations of Pleasure

The cracks in the painting are caused by an agitation of continuous pleasure, the pleasure of eternality.
The Painting has lived through centuries. It has felt every bit of everything through the ages. It has grown beyond its creator and lives on to tell of Time and the agitations of Time.
The Painting feels the growth of Time. The Painting trades its textures with Time, and lives on to express the Self of Time.
I paint the textures – the agitations of pleasure – the erotic trade of the Painting and Time.
When a day came that they marched into houses and palaces and teared the paintings down, we saw their dark shadows; their march was far threatening than the hurricane of detests. We could only imagine gigantic creatures that had stepped far beyond the fear of detestment.

Dana Nehdaran































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