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Farish Alborzkouhi

Nowadays a classy style is the most important thing, so that you can impress people with a single look and persuade them of your special character and position. You are going to need an exquisitely branded car, watch, glasses, smartphone, e-cigarette, etc. When all are prepared there is no need for your education, your opinions and your point of view on life because people already know you are different and belong to a social class which all of them are striving to get there. After you paid a bagful of money to buy all the necessary accessories, you're going to need a hangout to let the people watch. You may prefer Jordan, Elahieh or Fereshteh St., or sometimes you may want to try a car ride in Andarzgoo highway or Niavaran. Your get-togethers are going to be exclusive, including only people like yourself or people who are trying to arrive there. Of course you deserve people's respect; nobody should call you new money.

Kavian Hazeli

The arrival of modernism in Iran was coincident with many cultural and political movements.

Over the last few decades, art in Iran have witnessed a confluence of modernism and struggling for independency, removing cultural barriers, crossing the traditional belief, desiring for change, and revolution in hope for a better tomorrow. The artist here demonstrates the moment in a narrative story. He emphasizes on interactions between the figures, at different age periods, by gesture and expression. He also depicts the story of his interaction with the society. Some of the stories told in his painting are rather straightforward, easily read by most viewers: simple pictures. Others convey content through more obscure symbols, using details freighted with personal, often cryptic meaningcomplex images that perhaps reflect the complex circumstances. People inspire the figures he uses in his narrative art.

He uses both identified and unidentified faces; among the figures one can recognizes faces of mothers in sorrow, children in desperate need, and victims of freedom.

Said Ravanbakhsh


Shirin Hoseinvand


Past: Persian have tried to maintain their history, culture and old traditions like any other nation. Shahnameh book “ The Book of Kings “ a long epic poem written by Persian poet Ferdowsi between c. 977 & 1010 SD is a great example as it is of central importance in Persian culture, regarded as literary masterpiece, and definitive of ethno-national cultural identity of Iran. It traces the historical links between the beginning of the religion with the death of the last Zoroastrian rulers of Persia during the Muslim conquest. The great poet worked for 30 years to finish this masterpiece. Illustrated copies of the most famous Persian book are among the sumptuous example of  Persian miniature painting. Several copies remain intact, although two of the most famous, the Houghton Shahnameh & Great Mongol Shahnameh were broken up for sheets to be sold separately in 20th century. A single sheet from the former (now Aga Khan museum) was sold for $1.500,000 in 2006. Present: A young Persian artist immigrated artist immigrated to Europe & New York City to continue her academic studies… After living in New York City for years she believes her new country is based on industrialism and capitalism, although she believes industrialism and capitalism have increased global relationship of cultures, people and economic activity in the world and it dates back to great movement s of trade and empire across Asia & Indian Ocean from the 15th century. Adoption: We live in 21st th century and we have developed our cultural interaction. We may consume a product in different countries without considering the culture of that society and the identity that specific culture can offer to that product. Coca Cola can be a great example which was invented in 19th century after industrialism in the United Stated, sold in more than 200 countries. My goal was to create a harmonious effect , give ethnic identity to the concept of globalization and mass production by painting Persian miniatures ( from Shanameh about drinking ) on Coke cans. These beautiful paintings (illustration of Shahnameh book about drinking habits ) covered Coke cans and connected Past to the Present , East to West, and Mysticism & Love with industrial. Shahnameh ‘s miniature illustrations are a great example for Persian art and culture and coke is the best example of industrialism and globalization. By covering Coke cans with Persian miniatures, a cultural interaction between countries has been created and Coke cans, which are sold with the same logo and Color in more than 200 countries, have adopted a specific consumer society’s ethnic identity.