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Group Exhibition


Behind The Net Curtain is the third exhibition Moein Shafei curated in Shirin gallery. 


Vahid Arian, Shabnam Esfandiari, Shirin Babazadeh, Afshin Bagheri, Fariba Boroufar, Mona Hoseinzadeh, Kaveh Khanabadi, Parisa Khazaee, Tala Derangi, Mahshid Raghemi, Hekmat Rahmani, Pejman Rahimizadeh, Peyman Rahimizadeh, Moein Shafei, Aban Salehi, Ehsan Ziaee, Keyvan Asgari, Delaram Faghani, Mohammadreza Feizi, Elahe Keshavarzi, Mehrzad Lali Hojat, Salar Mohammadi, Amirali Momen, Hamed Norouzi, Davar Yousefi 

The story of a woman behind the net curtain

It is the story of a woman who is the mother of the earth and who knows her child better than all human beings. she wonders how the people of the earth are so fascinated by her child that they are unaware of themselves. The lady knows very well that for many years her child, the earth, has been killing and devouring human beings, but human beings are still fascinated by the earth. Every morning, the lady covers her face and rides her horse out of her mansion and hands a mirror to the people so that they can see and know themselves and discover the world inside them. She believes that if human beings know themselves well, they can conquer the universe and wear it as an ornamental object. Because in her view the inner world of human beings is much more complex and massive than the real world.


Mansour Nosrat Nezami

Mansour Nosrat Nezami was born in 1955. He studied Art in the Nuremberg Academy of Fine Art (Germany) by the famous painter, Prof Georg Karl Pfahler. He had encountered many different art forms, from painting, Sculpting to textile and fashion design. In the Painting area, he reached a pure and unique abstract art style with human themes. The highlight of this style is the usage of texture, especially bamboo and textile, for emphasizing the dialog between suppressed emotions of modern humans and the Art object.





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