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Daryoush Gharahzad


The events will happen when you pass near the wall, and stare on it. Walls are the best contemporary symbols which explain human chaotic mind. Everything has changed, same daily routine variety, modern city women have found a new identity and they are fighting with their memorandum.      

Street guide lines, land Asphalt, solid yellow and white and red or Tiny Iron Bridge have been affected by pedestrians after rain, by a motorbike cross, make a beautiful life style. Sensor of a phrase makes an image. Creative motivation of a piece comes from these  attractive layers.

Daryoush Gharahzad

Jamshid Bayrami

Be my Mirror

We were living in bright mud houses,

In gray scenery of a big city,

Or sitting in a corner of a turquoise-coloured mosque,
Walking with Termeh shoes, Iron shoes and even clay shoes,
Flying over faraway lands of history towards sunshine of civilization and in the colourful sky of culture……

We have remained gloriously throughout ages,
We will awaken conscience of the whole world,
And one day, we will continue our existence and growth with full glory and proud.

Jamshid Bayrami
















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