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Baran Azad

I officially announce the virtual life as the only actual world.







Babak Rashvand

Be in color


Once you are in love with images,

Plunge you into colour like a brush



I remember well, as a child, my script writing exercises, where I followed samples from my calligraphy instructor, who was also my father. After each lesson, playfulness led me to mischief. 


Full of childhood spirit and tired of all the guidelines of script, I played with the rules of calligraphy, and this eventually became the foundation of my work. 


My goal was to use calligraphy to depict the fleeting moments of life, like simple stories full of light and color, free from any complicated elements. I used script according to my wishes. Without any bias or demands, I set aside the classic form of calligraphy. I sketched letters as if they were human figures living and moving. 


Do not look for the principles of calligraphy in my work. What you will find are interwoven letters or abstract forms in structured spaces that glow with light and color. In my work, radiance, reflection, light, and color are presented in a way that plays with the audience. 


With the use of radiant colors, tiny grains of metal, and sparkling sheets of gold and silver, a single color creates a wide array of reflections.



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