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Amirali Safiari

As Amir Ali Says about this exhibition: A Persia folktale is my show of gratitude to my country and its people. My mirror guy, the art store owners, the hardware store and the gallery owners, and many more have helped me a great deal and taught me so much during this journey that started two years ago. I thank you.
I thought of bringing back that Shahnameh miniature vibe with a modern twist, with some edge and bright, shin- ier colors while keeping that antique look. In that respect, I decided to bring back to life two wooden antique frames which had significantly been damaged by water and fire. One was missing 3/4 corners and bent due to the water damage, while the other was missing all four corners and burnt on the side which a rose now lays. But, now stronger than before with hopefully a bit more charm, a showing of the resilience of the Iranian people throughout its long and prosperous history.
Mirrors are alive, and working them, they can be your best friend or your worse enemy. They remind me a lot of the sea; it talks back, it breaths. It shimmers, it glitters, it is precise, and its serious. Seldom those it smiles, and when it does, it has a half-smile, full of shyness and a fire in its belly. She never sees herself in the reflection, just like a mother who only sees her child, selfless, with a never-ending sea of love and sacrifices.





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