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Bijan Nemati Sharif


The evolution of Bijan Nemati Sharif's reflection in his puppets, paintings and sculptures makes him an artist with an independent personal expression. His type of approach, which has a homogeneous connection, formed a paradigm.
Bijan Nemati Sharif was one of the first contemporary and modern Iranian sculptors to add color to his sculptures. In the expanded arena of contemporary sculpture, he used new and unique material to emphasize the ease and mentality of transforming thought into execution, thus freeing himself from modernism's artificial definition. His sculptures break the boundaries of materials, using a bright color palette and connecting with the staging of his puppets, thereby suspending them in the sculpture's intertextual space and theatrical scene. Using the combination of media and modern views, he challenges pure thinking and seeks to expand the media, concept, and audience in his works. Nemati Sharif is one of the artists who has removed the limitations of media, materials and vertical composition from his works. Using the deconstruction approach, he creates an unreal space by deforming the elements reassembling them, and expanding their scope by eliminating characterization. By removing the base, Nemati Sharif tries to pull his sculptures from the idealistic objectivity and remove the authoritarian and praiseworthy aspects. These works find a new aspect by using postmodernist elements - humor, pluralism and allegory.
The choice of elements, that is, the combination of man and animal and objects, and their unconventional arrangement, create a strange atmosphere that distinguishes his mental context from that of his contemporaries. Nemati Sharif depicts the world of a colorful and playful
childhood dream to forget the gray around us.










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